SEA OAK – Half-hour genre-bending comedy series adapting award-winning George Saunders short story, “Sea Oak.” Written by George Saunders (Mann Booker prize for Lincoln in the Bardo), directed by Hiro Murai (Golden Globe for Atlanta) and starring Glenn Close. From Amazon Studios from November 10, 2017.



TANDOLFO THE GREAT – Director – 17min – 2001 Short Film Adaptation of the short story, “Tandolfo the Great,” by Richard Bausch. 

Adapted by Kevin Shah and Richard Shepard, directed by Lael Smith and Produced by Brendan Duham through the USC Peter Stark Program, Tandolfo was shot on 16mm by Mikael Kreuzriegler, edited by Rob Doolittle and scored by Ceiri Torjussen.



2 LAPS 2 GO – Writer – 1 hr 17 min – 2005 Feature documentary film about the contest for the 2004 Supermoto championship, where two old and battered veterans of the sport took on a seventeen year-old prodigy. Directed by Kim Berndtsson and produced by James Graves.


Novella, “Epigraph Me,” was chosen by Robert Olen Butler as runner up in the Lo Fi novella contest.

Historical drama feature screenplay, BEAUSOLEIL, chosen as a semi-finalist in the Big Break screenplay contest.